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Monthly Archives: September 2017

information of Generators During Hurricane Season

Small Inverter Units

These generators are lightweight and need less fuel to operate. They have a digital alternator switch that produces direct current (DC) power and converts it to alternating current (AC) power, making for a smoother electrical signal that is more efficient and safer for electronics. The compact units are as cheap as a few hundred dollars, relatively eco-friendly, and capable of running at slower speeds, but they are often not ideal for hurricanes, as they are typically used to run only a few appliances during camping trips. If you’re looking for a cheap way to run a small refrigerator, a table fan, or a computer, this is the right buy for you.

Conventional Portable Units

This is your typical portable generator used during hurricane season. These are simple machines that have a mechanical alternator switch that runs AC power. They usually range from about 1,200 to 18,000 watts, which allows them to give you the power you need to keep cool during the summer months. They can run up to a few rooms of appliances, including window units, lighting, and entire kitchen refrigerators. As conventional generators must run at a constant 3,600 rpm to keep going, they do create a lot of noise and usually require daily fill ups.

Standby Home Units

These are the ultimate defense mechanisms for your home during the hurricane season. Each unit is permanently stationed outside your home and is equipped with an internal motor that’s powered by your home’s natural gas line. Whether you stay in town to brave the weather or evacuate to a safer area, home generators are hooked up to an automatic transfer switch that instantly kicks in to power your entire home in case of an electrical outage. Once power has been restored, the unit will automatically shut off. Keep cool by keeping your central A/C powered by a home generator.

Easy to Build Wind Generator For Home

1) Wind generator blades

The best materials to use for making the blades are PVC or ABS pipes. They are light and strong, and also easy and cheap to get if you source for it smartly. I found a length of PVC pipe in the scrap yard.. gave it a little wash and it is as good as new.

2) Generator

I made use of a simple DC motor with a low RPM rating. A DC motor is usually used by feeding it electricity for it to turn its shaft. But by rotating the shaft in the opposite direction, you can make the DC motor produce electricity instead. It is that easy!

Search around for one in eBay to get the best price for your DC motor.

3) Generator housing

I took a bit of the PVC pipe I talked about earlier to make a sturdy and safe housing for my DC motor. One thing to note about using PVC pipes though – make sure you paint them with weatherproof paint so that your wind generator can last longer.

4) Tail vane

This part of the wind generator is used to turn the blades to face the wind flow. You can explore different types of materials to make the tail vane. I made use of some acrylic plastic sheet I found in my garage to build it.

5) Tower

A few pieces of conduit pipes joined together makes a good design for a stable wind generator tower. These pipes are easy to find in your hardware store and do not cost that much.

Home With Aluminum Wires

Re-wire the electrical system of your home

Even though expensive, it is the safest solution to the problem. If you replace aluminum wires with copper ones, you will ensure the safety of the electrical devices as well as the lighting fixtures of your home. But, it is essential to hire a licensed electrician for the job. It is because he will have the required skill of replacing the original wires with minimum damage to the drywall.

Opt for aluminum compatible devices

If you do not want to re-wire the electrical system of your home, there is an inexpensive solution for you. You can replace the receptacles, switches and wire connectors with ones that have CO/ALR or AL-CU marking. When you opt for electrical devices that are compatible with aluminum wires, you will be able to take care of issues such as corrosion and expansion/contraction of the metal.

The method is inexpensive but it doesn’t offer a comprehensive solution to the problem. It is because it focuses on the electrical devices only and not on lighting fixtures.

Choose the “pigtailing” method

Instead of using CO/ALR or AL-CU electrical devices, the electrician can opt for a method called “pigtailing”. It involves splicing one end of the copper pigtail to the original wire. The other end of the wire is connected to the existing electrical device. Electrical Safety Authority approves wire connectors safe for the “pigtailing” method. So, ensure that the electrician uses them and doesn’t opt for cheap wire connectors.

About Portable Generators

Emergency Power Generators – These generators are specially designed to provide back up power in the event of power outages. They must provide enough wattage to startup and maintain a combination of items such as: refrigerators, sump pumps, furnaces, heaters, air conditioners, lights, computers, televisions, medical equipment, etc.

Most of the Emergency Power Generators are way to heavy to be used for anything else. Although, they have wheel kits and handle bars, they can still be a challenge to move even for a fit man. It usually takes two people to lift these units into the bed of a truck or a car. Clearly, this generator is only made for home use.

Camping Generators – Numerous manufacturers make generators specially designed for camping. They’re quiet, small, lightweight, easily refuelable and a may come with a protective outer shell that is somewhat cool to the touch. These units are used for camping sites, tailgating and other uses that don’t require a lot of wattage.

ALERT: these units are typically low wattage and are only designed to run one, maybe two small appliances.

Jobsite Generators – Contractors, builders, electricians, roofers, painters, carpenters and other types of construction workers need portable power at the jobsite for tools, equipment and lights. If that’s what you need a portable generator for, don’t waste your time with cheap generators. When you’re on a jobsite, the last thing you need is a generator that produces erratic power, is hard to start or that burns more fuel than an eight cylinder gas guzzler. Remember; time is money and the more time you spend restarting and refueling your generator, the less money you make. For jobsites, we only recommend industrial/contractor grade generators.

RV Generators – If you have an RV, then you know how important a portable generator is. What most RV’ers find out the hard way is that RV generators must follow code restrictions for RV’s. Stand-alone generators cannot be used in RV’s.

Marine Generators – There are some pretty distinct differences between a marine generator and all other portable generators. Marine generators are engineered to be used in water environments, such as on boats, marinas, etc. They include features such as: class H insulation, highly non-corrosive material and hydraulic pumps. Other portable generators should not be used near water and can even become less efficient in moister environments when operated near an ocean or lake. Non-marine generators are simply not made to replace marine generators.

Standard Portable Generator – There are hundreds of types of generators. They come in all shapes, sizes, brands and types. It is vitally important that you choose the right generator to avoid damaging your equipment, the generator and otherwise creating a safety hazard. The crucial thing to remember is that manufacturers engineer and design generators for certain scenarios and situations. As you have learned, you cannot use a regular portable generator in place of a marine generator and you cannot use a camping generator in place of a RV generator. Abide by those guidelines and your purchase will bring you years of satisfaction.