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Electricians Improve Your Home

From Fuses To Breakers

Many people still use the term “fuse box” to describe the panel of circuit breakers hidden in a wall somewhere in their home. While this term is inaccurate for nearly every modern home, it does describe a problem that many owners of older homes unknowingly have. Before the advent of circuit breakers, every light, appliance, and outlet ran to the same panel, which had a series of fuses inside. Fuses operated in much the same way as traditional light bulbs; they worked until the filament inside burned out, at which point they have to be replaced.

Today, replacing a fuse is a hassle compared to the convenience of flipping a circuit breaker switch. If your home still has an actual fuse box, an electrical contractor can install a circuit breaker panel with relative ease. Not only will this upgrade add modern convenience, it also reduces the electrical load on each major fuse, allowing major appliances to each have their own dedicated breaker. This means that you can have more appliances that require greater amounts of power without risking a power surge.


When looked at as an isolated project, rewiring your entire home is simply not worth the cost. However, the major expense of rewiring comes from knocking out sections of your wall to access the wires. If you’ve already opened the wall for a remodeling project, rewiring comes at a minimal cost and brings significant benefits. Most older homes had all of their wiring done when they were built. It’s unlikely that the original wiring job meets today’s rigorous code standards. Electrical contractors simply have better methods and techniques now than they had 30 years ago. Rewiring will not only make your system safer, it can also increase the resale value of your home. Just as with anything else, wires eventually need to be replaced to avoid the risk of fire. If you ever decide to move, being able to tell a potential buyer that much of the wiring is new will make them feel much more comfortable about buying your home.